The Department of Education-Abra kicked off this year’s free summer camp on April 22, 2019, at Bangued West Central School. The summer camp aims to enhance the skills and talents of the students and keep them active this summer.

Education Program Supervisor Henrieta Bringas said the activity also develops self-confidence and friendship among campers and divert their attention from bad influences.

Children ages 7-14 are taught to play different instruments like ukulele, banduria, guitar, keyboard, and flute. Teachers are even encouraged to join the arts, voice, and dance lessons.

The free summer camp is from 8am-11am (Mondays-Fridays) which will run from April 22 to May 3, 2019. There will also be a recital for the campers on the last day.

Bringas said that they will still be accepting campers until Wednesday (April 24, 2019) to maximize the duration of the lesson. You may visit Bangued West Central School for enrollment.

Bringas said they received positive feedback for the previous summer camps from parents requesting for a longer summer camp.

Bringas also encouraged parents to have their kids enrolled at the summer camp to make new friends and boost their confidence and skills.

“They should come, develop, and even discover their talents. They might have other talents a saan da pay ammo,” said Bringas.