The Local Government of Villaviciosa headed by Mayor Jose Lagen, Jr. is able to recycle waste glass bottles and plastics with the portable bottle crusher and shredder machine as part of their Material Recovery Facility (MRF).

Jaja Biscarra, solid waste management focal person, said they can make hollow blocks out of the crushed bottles and cushions or plastic dolls.

Biscarra said they plan to build their MRF center out of the materials produced by the machines which will be located in Poblacion, Villaviciosa.

To achieve zero waste, mini MRFs in 8 barangays of Villaviciosa were established with a regular schedule of garbage collection.

Garbage is segregated properly and recyclables are sent to the MRF.  Recycling through the MRF machines are done twice a month by the MRF operator.

Biscarra said all dumpsites are closed to encourage the people to have their own compost pit for kitchen wastes.