Provincial Election Supervisor Vanessa Roncal of COMELEC-Abra said that the implementation of gun ban has already started on the first day of election period (January 13, 2019). The PNP set up checkpoints, guns and other deadly weapons are prohibited to be carried in public places and subject to the violation of COMELEC Resolution 10446.

The Provincial Joint Security Control Center (PJSCC) of COMELEC will process the application for security details, she said.

Roncal said they will also conduct voters’ education on how to operate the Vote Counting Machines in different municipalities. They will give orientation to teachers who will serve in the elections. They will also check the availability of cellphone signals and electricity in classrooms that will be used as venues for election.

Intensified PNP checkpoints

ABRA SHIELD, a public safety force composed of the 1501st Regional Mobile First Battalion, 22nd Special Action Company, PNP-Special Action Force, and Provincial Mobile Force Company of Abra was activated for the implementation of the gun ban and to intensify their anti-crime operations against loose firearms and private armed groups in the province.

Police Senior Inspector Marcy Grace Marron said police officers will also patrol the province with their integrated patrol system aside from checkpoints.

Pledge of Loyalty

The simultaneous peace covenant signing on January 13, 2019, was initiated by PNP to ensure the commitment of political candidates and stakeholders for peaceful, fair, and honest elections in Abra. The COMELEC, PNP, and AFP of Abra declared they will remain apolitical and neutral in the midterm elections 2019.

Philippine Army 24th Infantry Battalion Commander LTC Jearie Boy Faminial announced their support to the local law enforcement operations while they continue to strengthen their anti-insurgency campaigns.